STEREO Akt & hannsjana:
Escape Room Europe
performatív audio-installation

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) (Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin)

When Britain voted for the Brexit in 2016, young Europeans were hit especially hard emotionally. Facing exit scenarios such as “Frexit”, “Czech-out” and “Nexit”, many in the so-called “generation Y” suddenly felt highly insecure about their European identity. Escape Room Europe explores the current political tendency of EU-exits and Europe-scepticism through a participatory audio installation.

STEREO Akt (Budapest) and hannsjana (Berlin) have transformed the rooms of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin into escape rooms. Guided by an audio play, one moves alone or in small groups through the floors to experience playful associations of a “soft exit”, “hard exit” or “dirty exit”. Leaving and goodbye scenes are mixed with reflections on the bureaucracy of EU regulations and poetic visualizations of customs procedures. Personal memories of growing up in the EU or an EU entry during adolescence are addressed together with moving borders and lost in translation experiences.

This performative maze has the paradox of collaborative necessity as well as a contest of egos and interests. Will you find your way out?

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Participating artists:
Laura Besch, Márk Bartha, Martin Boross, Alice Escher, Jule Gorke, Julia Jakubowska, Lotte Schüßler, Katharina Siemann, Gábor Thury, Imre Vass, Marie Weich

Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Jule Gorke, Lotte Schüßler (hannsjana)
Edina Schőn (STEREO Akt)

Artistic directors:
Katharina Siemann, Marie Weich (hannsjana)
Martin Boross (STEREO Akt)

Production assistant:
Eszter Kádár

Supported by:
Change of Scene – International partnerships for the Performing Arts
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

The project was funded within the framework of Change of Scene, a program of Robert Bosch Stiftung and the International Theatre Institute. 

hannsjana is an interdisciplinary artist collective based in Berlin that has been working together since 2013. Their projects combine sound art, music, video art, theory and performance; the realized works are humorous, poetic and discursive and are always politically concerned. hannsjana’s aim is to create access to exclusive spaces or complex topics thus negotiating social borders in a subversive and participatory manner.

hannsjana’s works have been shown at Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop (Darß), Kalkscheune (Berlin), JOINin! Museum for Children (Berlin), Kunstfest Weimar and at theatre festivals in Bochum, Nuremberg and Salzburg. At Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, hannsjana have already presented their performance Sideboard Manifesto in 2016.

STEREO Akt is an artist collective from Budapest that creates participatory, experimental site-specific and staged performances since 2013. In the STEREO Akt performances, theatre is an event and the viewer is a participant, but participation is just a proposal. STEREO Akt projects adopt the intensive involvement of and reflection on the civil society. By mobilizing and involving the audience, STEREO Akt often asks the question if they are a protagonist of their communities life or just passive viewers of it. STEREO Akt investigates discussion about equality, democracy and how to make audible the unheards voice.

STEREO Akt’s works have been shown at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest), Jurányi House (Budapest), Oerol Festival (Terschelling, Netherlands), Fast Forward Festival (Braunschweig, Germany), Copenhagen STAGE Festival (Denmark), Passage Festival (Helsingør, Dänemark), FiraTàrrega Festival (Tàrrega, Spain), SKUPI Festival (Skopje, Macedonia), and Single Carrot Theatre (Baltimore, USA).

photos: Antal Barbara