address: 1083 Illés utca 36.

STEREO Workshop is a new cultural hub and community space in Budapest’s vibrant and diverse 8th District. The Workshop is a socially engaged, community-focused, contemporary cultural center.

It’s an incubation house and meeting space, with a rehearsal hall and co-working office for all those who need a welcoming and inspiring environment for their artistic, creative or community work. 

The Workshop will primarily host performing arts creative processes, but we aim to provide a home for any project with a focus on contemporary culture and community.

Supporters: Municipality of Budapest, Goethe Institute, Józsefvárosi Önkormányzat, Józsefvárosi Gazdálkodási Központ, Pro Cultura Urbis Közalapítvány, RÉS Program, SÍN Arts Center

How can you bring your project, rehearsal process or program to the Workshop?


Residency program

Budapest has a thriving contemporary performing arts scene, and a constant shortage of rehearsal spaces. Our company struggles with this on a daily basis. At the same time, few non-profit organizations can afford to run a space on their own, and we live in a time when solidarity and sharing public costs are particularly important.

So we have decided to host residencies for independent contemporary arts initiatives, organizations, teams, projects and productions!

The hosted residents will have individual agreements about their use of the space and will agree on an affordable contribution for the maintenance costs of the Workshop.

If you are interested in becoming a resident, please contact

Rent a space at a friendly rate

Would you like to teach a yoga or a dance class?
Looking for a venue for a workshop, conference, screening, or exhibition?

Are you organizing a fair, plant/book/clothes exchange, or children’s program?

We have rooms available for occasional or regular events.

In addition to the Rehearsal Hall, the Lobby and the Kitchen are also available upon request.

For prices, please contact

Table rental in the Co-working space

What we offer: 24-hour access, deskspace, high-speed internet, kitchen (with coffee and drinks)

You can choose from the following packages:

– Daily rental option

– Two days a week (minimum one month’s rental)

– Unlimited (minimum one month’s rental)
For prices, please contact