What is a bucket list? One list to rule it all – the list of our desires. A list of tasks which we must carry out. Here and now. In our current lives. Act in a video clip, to have a dear-death experience, to perform a sleight of hand, to experience what it is like to be a mermaid, going on a round-the-world trip…

Imre and Tamara heard about the “bucket list” phenomenon a few months ago. They chose the most important items and started carrying out their own desires – and to figure out why they are the chosen ones. However, some of their wishes require the participation of the audience in order to complete their unfinished businesses.

The peculiar desires and secrets of the past linked to them come to life on stage and on film in the dream factory of STEREO AKT, as directed by Martin Boross, in which the creative world of imagination meets with the reality of the current times.

Shared main prize of TITANium 2013-14, an initiative of FÜGE Production

performers: Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Imre Vass, Szabolcs Tóth
creative crew: Gáspár Téri, Zita Schnábel
set design: Lőrinc Boros

video: Gáspár Téri
music: Szabolcs Tóth
assistant to set designer: Péter Klimó
light: Kata Dézsi
sound: Márk Szapu

film crew:
director of photography: Zágon Nagy, Kristóf Becsey
also participating: István CSEKK, Simon KOCH, Péter LUKÁCS

trailer: Dániel Dömölky

musical collaborators:
Réka FODOR – vocals
Katalin KISS – Oboa
Aladár TÜSKE – fagott
Zsigmond DEÁK – brácsa
Márton KOVÁCS – hegedű
special thanks: dr. BIHARI András

production assistant: Tímea TÖRÖK , Brigitta VARGA
producer: Anikó RÁCZ
director: Martin BOROSS

Production partners: Füge Production, SÍN Arts Center, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Supporters: NKA, Open Latitudes 3, az Európai Unió Kultúra Programja, Orlai Produkció, Sárkánykard Kung Fu és Wu Shu Egyesület

photos: Bernadett Alpern, Gábor Dusa