“Male Dancer of the Year 2008 held as a sex slave”

“The teenage girls punished the 40 year old ex-diver with a stun gun”
“Budapest resident leashed and choked with panties for a week”
“The lustful teens were acquitted by court”

Three young actresses are creating a performance about an extraordinary case of crime. They are casting men to find the leading actor for the story, but during the creation process things get out of control and it turns out, that the innocent-looking theatrical experiment harbours real danger.

In the Garden of Protected Men we can observe an ecosystem where power structure and gender roles take unusual forms. We can also get a first hand experience of the contradictory and sensitive moments of a rehearsal process.

Performers: Emese Cuhorka, Julia Jakubowska, Mária Kőszegi, Dániel Szász,
And also Tibor Borzai, Lénárd Gresó, András Györe, György Péter Hárs, Sándor Kőmíves, Attila Kraszny, Zsigmond Nyomárkay, Jakab Sebestény, Tamás Tárnoki, Balázs Ulics, Gergő Uray
Music: Márk Bartha
Visual design: Tímea Oláh
Dramaturg: Gábor Thury
Lyrics:  Zsófi Kemény

Technical director: Mátyás Jankó
Consultants: Kata Oltai, Vera Mérő
Production assistant: Dominik Kabdebon
Volunteer coordinator: Dóra Tési
Communication: Zsófia Hollós

Producer: Edina Schőn
Director: Martin Boross

Co-production partner: FÜGE Produkció
In partnership with: Amnesty International Hungary

Supporters: Ministry of Human Capacities, Municipality of Budapest, BVA Budapest Citybranding Nonprofit Ltd., Staféta, Independently Together (Füge) Productions, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Sín Culture Centre, Artus Studio
The production was created in the framework of the Staféta Program hosted by the Municipality of Budapest.