Welcome to the performance bar! An international artistic crew offers a safe and creative space to share ideas on Love. On the so called heavy Love, on the abusive Love, on the inspirational and the satisfying one.

Polish, Hungarian, Turkish and Belorussian artists form a temporary ensemble and create an informal performative event with interdisciplinary tools. We will investigate what the vocabularies of talking about ideal love looks like in the mainstream national culture of each and every participants. The performance will be the result of a 6 days long workshop and will be made with a special technic: the performer-hosts of our special night are carrying out actions throughout a loose laidback atmosphere created by the togetherness of a festival bar crowd.

We offer participation for the audience through the forms of visual arts, performance art, movement, live music and dj set, Polish and Hungarian literature. Feel free to join us anytime during the night have a drink and stay as long as you like.

“About Love” will be two separate one-off events shown within the framework of the international Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival in Lublin.

Creators-performers: Márk Bartha (STEREO Akt), Martin Boross (STEREO Akt), Kamila Czosnyk, Paweł Korbus, Emrah Gökdemir, Julia Jakubowska (STEREO Akt), Marta Ryczkowska, Dominika Sergiej, Bernadetta Szymoniak

Artistic director: Martin Boross, Julia Jakubowska, Paweł Korbus