There is a cruising bus in the city that is different from other buses. There are fate tourists traveling on board. Fate tourists, who watch from behind the window, hear what a passer-by says on phone, see what happens after disappears in a gate – they know where the person comes from, where the person goes as they arrive everywhere in the right moment. Viewers follow the story in a reality set within the framework of a theatrical journey taken place on a
tour bus.

The characters are escaping, they need to leave their city, turn their back on their pasts. While on the run we can see essential fate-twisting episodes of their lives. We can witness scenes as if they were images of a movie. The audience is guided into the world of fiction, time and space like being guided through the sights of a city. Viewers follow the actors from station to station and listen to their vocalized thoughts and varied live-edited acoustic materials. The city is not only a set but also an extra character of the piece. The reality of the street and fiction are constantly mixing, so spontaneous events interweave the plot, making the performance every time different. Civilian participants are involved to each performances, their stories become part of the plot. The joining civilians, some elements of the story and even the locations can also change.
Premiered at PLACCC Festival, 01. 06. 2013., BUDAPEST

The show was first presented in Budapest, then after a tour of Budapest, Veszprém and the Netherlands, a new version was produced in 2017 with a new cast and script in Baltimore (USA) thanks to a collaboration with the Single Carrot Theatre, and in 2018 we created Promenade: Albuquerque in collaboration with the Q-Staff Theatre in New Mexico.
The original Budapest version of Promenade was performed 57 times.

Márton Debreczeni • Bea Gold • Julia Jakubowska • Gábor Kocsis • Csilla Nagy • Gáspár Téri • András
Tucker • Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Creative collaborators: Gábor Goda • Sarah Günther
Music: Szabolcs Tóth
Production manager: Anikó Rácz
Director’s artistic consultant: Gáspár Téri
Director: Martin Boross

Supporters: PLACCC FESTIVAL, WORKSHOP FOUNDATION, FÜGE PRODUCTION, Promenade has received a Creation aid from the IN SITU network in the frame of the META project funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC – Culture programme). Coproducers are Artopolis Association (Budapest, Hungary); Københavns Internationale Teater (Copenhagen, Denmark); Lieux publics (Marseilles, France); Theater op de Markt (Neerpelt, Belgium)
and Terschellings Oerol Festival (Terschelling, The Netherlands)