Two brothers cleaning up. Silent, endless, focused work.Their synchronized, emotionless, accurate action is misleading. They are unaware of it, but they are mourning. Objects of a lifetime pass through their hands – photos, personal articles, souvenirs, clothes. But their owner is not here any more. The practicality of cleaning up and the tension caused by the absence of the invisible father results in a grotesque dual atmosphere, where they can’t help but stop from time to time to let their memories speak, and the strange family gathering becomes a ritual. The “memory” of the room and the objects brings the dead alive and as they do their meticulous, material job, their minds wander to faraway lands to relive important moments of their and their father’s lives.
The acoustic world of the performance will be established by the compositions of Márk Bartha, soundplay scenes and a sound montage of live actions recorded with binaural microphones, enabling a special closeup, 3D sound experience.

The audience listens to the sound play through headphones, resulting in an intimate, close relationship with the performers. Due to the special microphone system, actions such as drinking a glass of water, a self-introduction or someone blowing his nose are heard from an unusually close distance and in space, just as if they were the audience’s own sensations.
The sounds installation will be completed with strong visual content in the performance. A hyper-realistic room interior will be gradually cleaned and neutralized, and finally the space will be empty and whitewashed; the noise fades.

The scenario is inspired by a part of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s novel, My Struggle Volume One. In this part of his world famous autobiographical novel series, the Norwegian writer opens up the details of his life with confusing precision. A part of the book describes how he and his brother are brought together by the death of their father, to deal with the painful memories of him, as well as their relationships to each other and themselves.

Performers: László Göndör, Dániel Szász

Recordings contributors: András Dániel, Lőte Koblicska, Igor Olivér Artner, André Lukács Molnár

Also contributing: Zsigmond Hajdu, Márk Solti

Music, sound design: Márk Bartha
Visual design: Anna Fekete
Dramaturg: Máté Kautzky-Dallos
Consultant: Gáspár Téri
Production assistant: Dóra Tési, Zsuzsanna Balogh
Interns: Fruzsina Czvetkó, Xénia Baricz
Technical manager: Mátyás Jankó, Máté Bredán

Concept: Márk Bartha – Martin Boross – Gábor Thury
Producer: Dániel Mayer
Director: Martin Boross

Thanks to: Edina Schőn
Co-production partners: Hybrid Arts, Cultural Nonprofit Ltd., Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Capacities, Performer’s Rights Protection Association Office