– documentary fairy tale on public life, second edition –

Is something bothering you? Same here. Are you too few on your own? Same here. Would you like to join us?

What would be your case if you found yourself in STEREO Akt’s moving complaint office?

First, the creators take the citizens for a ride in a rickshaw to listen to personal offences or fierce opinions about the world.

Then the rolling action transforms into an interactive play. The viewers and the creators put a case on their flag of the guerrilla-action, which was generated by the mood of the participants of the evening.

Let’s decide together what we raise our voices against! A polluting factory? A corrupted office? The neighbour’s barking dog?

„The end of the show is undecided. We don’t know if we find a common mission. But we’ll try.” (Martin Boross)

The creators invite for a common fantasizing: what would Dorothy and her companions do if the tornado winged her to Budapest in 2016? And what would they do when they realize that Oz cannot help them as he’s all but a sensation fib? Do they place a complaint? Make a report? Organize a demonstration? Do a flashmob?