Single Carrot Theatre and STEREO AKT present Promenade: Baltimore, a boundary-breaking production that invites its audience to board a bus and traverse the city, passing through neighborhoods both familiar and unknown. Audience members watch through the windows as actors on the street present poetic expressions of everyday life in Baltimore, complimented by a live-mixed soundscape of music, narration, and stories based on and told by neighborhood residents. Promenade: Baltimore celebrates and explores all that is Baltimore: highlighting its complexity, struggles, treasures, and, ultimately, its undeniable beauty.

Premiered: June 2-June 25, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Round and Round

Review: ‘Promenade: Baltimore’ at Single Carrot Theatre

Ensemble Creators and Actors:
Zipporah Brown, Christopher Dews, E’Tona Ford, Brian Gilbert, Dominic Gladden, Laura Malkus, Courtney Proctor, Michael Salconi, Matthew Shea, Meghan Stanton, and Rohaizad Suaidi

Production Team:
Director Martin Boross,
Ensemble Coach Julia Jakubowska,
Single Carrot Artistic Director/Dramaturg Genevieve de Mahy,
Costume/Properties Designer Anna Platis,
Sound Designer Márk Bartha,
Sound Engineer Jared Paolini,
Sound Operator Heiko Spieker,
Production/Stage Manager Kate Lynch,
Assistant Stage Manager/Crew Driver Abby Cady,
Technical Assistant Hayden Muller,
and Crew Drivers Grace Felder and Alisa Glenn.