Julia Mann: A Journey Begins
“Some independent artists, such as Martin Boross in his creation of STEREO AKT, have chosen to follow in their footsteps and work with a company of artists to create full seasons of performances. Other artists are more true to the word ‘independent’ and operate on their own (and with freelance collaborators) on a project-by-project basis.
On October 3rd, I boarded the 9 bus and made my way to the outer part of District VIII. Here, an audience gathered outside of an old tobacco factory to be a part of STEREO AKT’s production of Colony. (…) STEREO AKT does a beautiful job of creating a piece of documentary theatre that does not feel exploitative of the immigrant narrative. Instead, it is imbued with humanity and compassion.
Tucked away in the small, black-box Studio space of the Örkény Theatre, this absolute gem of a performance takes place. Created by STEREO AKT and directed by Martin Boross, this piece of ‘board game theatre’ [ADDRESSLESS] puts the audience into the role of someone experiencing homelessness.”