STEREO AKT invites you to a theatre walk in the former tobacco factory building on Kőbányai road, where you will explore the site’s little-known past with a team of actors, singers and migrant participants.
We will be joined by Irini and Perisztera, whose family, fleeing the civil war, found refuge in the closed world of the Greek colony on Kőbánya Road. Also joins us Abouzar and his son Armin, the last witnesses to the world of the transit zones on the southern border in Hungary. Stories of refugees in radically different historical and political contexts, only the host country is the same in both cases: Hungary in the late 1940s and today.
Greek guides: Irini Bozonas, Perisztera Gogu
Iranian guides: Abouzar Soltani, Armin Soltani
Choir: Petra Al-Farman (Soharóza), Máté Martinkovics, Emina Messaoudi, László Somogyi (Soharóza)

Music Director: Tara Khozein
Scenography: Petra Mák
Interpreter: Khaibar Shenwari
Producer: Dániel Mayer
Production Assistant: Zsuzsanna Balogh
Dramaturge: Bíró Bence
Director: Martin Boross

Professional partner: Helsinki Committee
Co-operation partner: Soharóza
Production: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Thanks to:
Budapest Methodological Social Centre and Institutions (BMSZKI)
Hellenic Municipality of Budapest
The Budapest Capital Asset Management Centre Zrt.
Budapest Cultural and Cultural Centre
Barbara Pohárnok (Helsinki Committee), Tímea Kovács, Vasilios Psimmenos, Ziad Taha and members of the Greek Dance Choir
The performance is created in the framework of the Liberty international partnership with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.