A brainwash clinic, which knows about our most intimate secrets and which can overwrite our personal memories?
Eye transplantations organised by the state?
Centralised propaganda reaching out to all realms of life?
Are we in a parallel reality, a dystopic vision, or perhaps we are already living in a nightmare?

The crew of the most popular talkshow of the country is held hostage by two freedom-seeking  militants in order to address the population in a live broadcast against the newly emerging social regime. Áron – a clueless member of the audience – unwillingly becomes a central figure of the events. He finds himself at a clinic, where he must make a decision for life: he has to choose between becoming a proper citizen of the new regime living with new eyes (offering to see a painless reality for those who are willing to forget) , or returning to his past, more flawed life.

Áron relives the bitter experiences of his own past. His memories are recalled by the clinical staff who rewind them as a movie, and help him revise them to become Happy End stories. But what is the price he has to pay for this?

This fable of a utopia-cum-nightmare is concerned with modern brainwashing, how the media and the political world find the ‘weak points’ which allow us to be controlled, and the nature of intentional isolation – from facts, from information, from other cultures, and finally, from each other.

Actors: Károly Hajduk, Anna Hay / Luca Borsos, Julia Jakubowska / Mária Kőszegi, Tamás Ördög, Sándor Terhes / Károly Kuna

Music: Márk Bartha
Scenography: Jenny Horváth
Video Animation: Gábor Karcis
Photography: András Táborosi
Light: Kata Dézsi, Máté Bredán
Sound and video: Máté Bredán, Gellért Gádor
Production Assistant: Réka Budavári, Julcsi Szabó, Zsuzsanna Balogh
Producer: Anikó Rácz, Daniel Mayer
Dramaturg: Gábor Thury
Director: Martin Boross

Thanks for collaboration in the recordings: Igor Olivér Artner, Diána Magdolna Kiss, Alexis Latham, Zita Schnábel, Zola Szabó, Gabriella Velancsics 
And also: Luca Borsos, Balázs Fischer, Gyula Fullár, Károly Kiss, Marianne Kovács, Laura Songoro, Eszter Szántó, Péter Tóth, Gergő Uray, Anita Zách 

Supporters: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Summa Artium

Co-production partners: FÜGE Produktions, Jurányi Produktion Incubator House, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts