“There are no actors and spectators, there are players, the participants themselves”

The participants were led in pairs on a route from station to station, from scene to scene, and got into situations in which they became the main characters. The topic was to find and deliver a mysterious package that no one could before.

The audience did not have to play roles, just accept them. They had to cooperate with each other, solve problems, or just simply listen to mosaics of a story.

Ten different spaces of an abandoned house were used from the basement to the attic. In a two hours long round twelve spectators could participate the same time.

Creators were a group of dramaturges, actors, film makers and visual artists. The basic conceptual elements were created by five of the creators, and there were about 20 other co-creators.

Concept: Martin Boross, Klára Cserne, Zita Schnábel, Gábor Thury, Anna Zsigó

Director: Martin Boross

Collaborators: Bárány Márton, Bognár Péter, Boross Gábor, Nyárai Gerzson, Huzella Júlia, Kliment János, Rácz Dóra, Szabó-Székely Ármin, Szakál Andrea, Szőke Szabolcs, Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Vörös Csaba

Graphics: Thury Lili

 Tesfay Áron

 Erdődi Katalin, Zsigó Anna

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