We arrive to the yard of the house, where the residents have their meeting. The only item on the agenda: getting rid of the cockroaches that have invaded the house. It seems that it’s not just the usual problem, as the pests are unstoppably pullulating in their homes. Each of the residents believe to know the reason for the phenomenon, but no one can offer a solution.

The little details from behind the window, appearing on the balconies and walls and the fragments of memories of the residents each contradicting the other will make up the answer to the question of who or what has caused the serious problem. The residents or the viewers do not have an easy task: pretence is always fake reality, memories are deceitful, the tale-tellers are lying. Everybody becomes witnesses, peekers. Events gradually and unnoticeably go rough. And intervention seems impossible – or doesn’t it?

It’s a volatile game with the position of the viewer believed to be so secure. A theatre play with music and a high level of visuality, in which we all search the answer to the question: where is the truth between collective sin and the complete denial of responsibility?