“I was listening to a person. They were saying things inside their head. It went like this:
I was swallowed by a bus one day then the whole city changed and so did I.”

A story set in reality, passengers follow the characters from place to place and witness the very special moments of their lives and gain magical access to their thoughts.
In Promenade, the audience forms a group of riders on a transit bus which weaves its way along an eccentric route through streets and neighborhoods of the city. Scenes unfold on sidewalks and spaces along the way revealing unique aspects of daily life as lyrical stories emerge among the characters allowing us to witness the lives of extraordinarily everyday heros.  The sonic landscape is delivered to each audience member via individual headsets, and is live-mixed during the performance using music, snippets of interviews and voice, as well as ambient sounds of the city.

Promenade is an original theatre performance concept created by Stereo Akt of Budapest Hungary.  The performance was first presented in Budapest and then toured to major cities throughout Europe. In 2017, Promenade debuted in the US in Baltimore, MD in collaboration with Single Carrot Theater.

Promenade is re-imagined and devised as a unique performance specific to the city in which it is being presented, thus Promenade: Albuquerque.

Directed by: Martin Boross

Co-creator: Julia Jakubowska

Sound-design: Márk Bartha

Production manager : Richard Van Schouwen

Production assistant: Sandy Timmerman

2nd and 3rd production assistants: Lynx Lightning, Mindy Grossberg

Sound operator: Marty Adam Smith

Driver: Joseph Sanchez

Barbara Geary, Mariel Leon Lazcano, Antonio Granillo, Ricardo Guillermo, Echo Fenner, Richard Van Schouwen, Jackie Coronado, Tara Khozein

Zoe Callan, Scout Callan, Mindy Grossberg, Estevan Iraids, Loren Kahn, Rachel Goldman, Isabelle Kessler, Rick Lucero

Narrator: Tom Schuch

Chase-car drivers:
Lynx Lightning, Don McIver, Rick Lucero, Echo Fenner