You’ve got their story. You decide what to do with it.

A young film director, Tamás is invited to a village to lead a summer art workshop for kids. He quickly discovers that the village is overrun with corruption and exploitation. He starts an investigation into the abusive mayor and exposes him by shooting a documentary. The mayor finds out about Tamás’ new mission, the locals turn against each other, and what began as an easygoing summer adventure, starts to threaten everyone involved.

Martin Boross’ feature debut is a critical reflection on the filmmakers’ responsibility and harmful activism in an all-too-familiar microcosm of oppression.

Participant of First Cut Lab Hungary ’22.

Winner of Just Film Award in the Work in Progress section of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event in ’22.


First feature film by Martin Boross produced by Filmfabriq and STEREO AKT
written by: Martin Boross and Fanni Szántó
DoP: Dániel Bálint, Kristóf Becsey
directed by: Martin Boross

Main roles:
Zsolt Dér, András Pál, Blanka Mészáros, Dániel Baki, Erika Tankó, Stefi Szabó

Production Design: Anna Fekete
Costume: Petra Mák
Music: Márk Bartha
Editor: Anna Vághy
Producer: Gábor Osváth
co-producers: Péter Grüll, András Juhász, Zoltán Mártonffy, Dániel Mayer


set photos: Bartha Máté, Jenei Dániel