They are fighting for justice, they believe that the world can be changed, they often sacrifice their private lives for a greater good, they often work under precarious working conditions and as a result, they often end up tired and getting burn-out during their never-ending mission.

Based on these attributes we might as well have described theatre makers, but instead of them activists will take the main role in the new planned production of STEREO AKT, the heroes – or fools?- of our times.

Five Activists will be invited to the «Hotel of Change», an institution specialised in taking care of activists, the people who usually take care of our society, often pushing their own well-being and work-life balance in the background. During their stay at the Hotel a group of care workers (the performers) will ensure that they can recharge their batteries and keep some distance from their every-day windmill fight, also reflect on the issues they are fighting for and on the impact of their fight on their personal life.

At the Hotel the priorities are the other way round: their personality, their story, their well-being and their experiences as activists are in the spotlight, their missions – whether it’s climate change, human rights or other burning issues – become secondary for this brief period of the performance. The method of this Institution is diverse and personalised: each activist is being accompanied for one week by a care worker.
The care workers (the performers) will spend this week with the activists to get to know them, follow them (almost) everywhere, get into exchange with them and make a lot of observations. Based on this research period the activists will receive the best possible treatment at the Hotel of Change, customized only for them, so that they can take a break, maybe a break that needs to be taken to realize what changes must be made so that people won’t give up fighting for a Change.

In this documentary performance of STEREO AKT a fictional framework (Hotel of Change) will be created to address the issues and conflicts of being an activist in these times. In the performance personal stories and experiences of activists will be shared while we will take a closer look on causes that are worth fighting for and on causes that may not be worth the fight, and most importantly on the people and behind these fights.

Luca Borsos, Emina Messaoudi, László Göndör, Máté Martinkovics
and active citizens of Tübingen

set, costume: Raissa Kankelfitz
video: Máté Bredán
music, sound-design: Tara Khozein, Márk Bartha
production assistant: Paula Korneck, Zsuzsanna Balogh
producer: Dieter Ripberger, Dániel Mayer
dramaturge: Gábor Thury
director: Martin Boross